Discover the Power of Supermicro's X13 Servers with High Bandwidth Memory and Green Compute Approach

See the future of server technology with Supermicro's X13 servers, the first in the market with high bandwidth memory (HBM) enabled by Intel's Xeon Max CPU series. Join our webinar to learn how Supermicro's Green Compute approach provides superior performance and energy efficiency, reducing CAPEX and OPEX spending. As an authorized partner of Supermicro in Australia and New Zealand, DiGiCOR offers optimized server solutions for customer applications and scalable configurations in modern data centers.

Join this webinar to learn about:

  • Learn about Supermicro's complete range of X13 servers with high bandwidth memory and their real-world performance improvements
  • Understand the benefits of Supermicro's Green Compute approach and how it reduces CAPEX and OPEX spending
  • Discover how Supermicro's optimized server solutions are designed for customer applications and scalable configurations in modern data centers.

Andree Jacobson
Director of Technology Enablement - Supermicro

Andree Jacobson, Director of Technology Enablement at Supermicro, will be sharing his expertise in building complex and energy-efficient computing systems in an upcoming webinar. Discover the latest accelerator technologies, HPC systems architecture, and liquid cooling and gain valuable insights into the future of AI infrastructure and high-density data centers. Don't miss this chance to enhance your knowledge with one of the industry's leading experts. Register now!

Mark Kachmarek
HPC Platform Marketing Manager - Intel

Mark Kachmarek, the seasoned HPC Platform Marketing Manager at Intel Corporation, will be sharing his expertise in this upcoming webinar. With 24 years of industry experience and 9 years in his current role, Mark is a true expert in high-performance computing. Don't miss this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve and learn from one of the industry's leading experts in HPC technology. Register now!