12:00 PM - 01:00PM AEST

Join us on Tuesday, April 4th to learn more about how SupremeRAID technology unlocks the potential SSD performance and creates a new level for your workflow. Our webinar will walk you through how it can relieve the CPU from processing I/O requests and deliver superior NVMe/NVMeoF, SAS, and SATA performance. Additionally, you will get to know why SupremeRAID can lower TCO by reducing power consumption and cooling costs when it supports up to 32 native NVMe drives at the same time. Moreover, we will walk you through our new NVMe RAID Lab and help you do the benchmarking by yourself.

You'll learn:

  • The evolution of NVMe, a protocol designed to improve the performance of solid-state drives (SSDs). 
  • How SupremeRAID helps creative professionals who require large amounts of storage with fast data transfer rates?
  • What will the future computing be like and how your business can evlove with SupremeRAID?
  • How does the remote access NVMe RAID Lab work? And how can I register?

Test and benchmark your workflow via our NVMe RAID Lab today with a few simple steps!


Learn from these experts:

Thomas Paquette

Senior Vice President and General Manager from GRAID Technology, Americas and EMEA.

Jilei Jiang

ANZ Field Sales Manager from Kingston Technology

Dez Nguyen

Lead System Engineer from DIGICOR PTY LTD