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File, Block, and Object Storage with Seagate and OSNEXUS

Problem: Managing storage in a hybrid cloud environment can be complex

As organizations expand their storage environment using a hybrid-cloud strategy, it has become increasingly difficult for IT administrators to manage the storage systems, especially as the number of clusters and deployments grow across sites, co-locations, and the cloud. This can consume time and money, and make it hard to keep track of all the data.

Solution: A unified, flexible, and secure storage solution

Seagate and OSNEXUS offer a software-defined storage solution that supports unified file, block, and object storage management for on-premise and hybrid deployment. The solution approach is to deploy Seagate systems combined with OSNEXUS QuantaStor which provides file, block, object storage, or any combination of these data formats. The initial storage capacity and planned future capacity will help determine whether a scale-up or scale-out approach is recommended.

Key benefits

  • Unified management: QuantaStor Storage Grid unified management console offers integrated management of Seagate storage systems and Lyve Cloud hosted storage.
  • Flexible: Deploy with a broad selection of hardware customized to meet the needs of specific applications and workloads.
  • Reliable: Deliver options for high-availability and fault tolerance, intelligent software that can detect problems early and offer comprehensive reporting, and notifies users when maintenance is needed.
  • Secure: Advanced authentication and authorization features as well as immutable snapshots to help protect against attacks.

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