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The VMS solution described in this brief focuses on an on-premises implementation of Genetec VMS over IP SAN, or iSCSI SAN, with Genetec Security Center software and the Seagate® Exos® X 5U84 storage platform—bringing ultra-dense capacity that scales to 1.3PB in a single disk enclosure and delivers up to 5.5GB/s bandwidth for sequential writes and 7.0GB/s for sequential reads at an exceptionally low TCO.

This brief outlines the building blocks of storage infrastructure for Genetec VMS with the Seagate Exos X 5U84. It attempts to bring an architectural reference to Seagate AI customers by conducting a Genetec VMS Proof of Concept (POC) and by demonstrating Genetec VMS implementation over Seagate composable storage in an IP SAN environment.

As enormous amounts of data are generated from VMS applications, users need to consider an alternative storage solution like a SAN (Storage Area Network) or a cloud-based implementation for their VMS platform rather than betting on an all-in-one traditional solution like a Network Video Recorder (NVR) or dedicated Digital Video Recorder (DVR). Users need to seriously consider a SAN solution that enables:

  • Scalability - scale to petabyte capacities when needed, at lower cost
  • Speed - high bandwidth in saving video recordings with higher frame rates without losing a single frame
  • Reliability - longer retention periods of both video and static images without data loss
  • Ease of Management - centralized VMS to manage and store recorded videos for easy data distribution and access

When building a solution that includes products from multiple vendors, it is essential to validate the integration and interoperability of those products and to establish a level of user confidence that all solution components work together harmoniously.

This solution intends to validate:

  • the interoperability of SC software using Exos X 5U84 as data storage for SC video/audio archiving 
  • he implementation of SC over Exos X 5U84 with iSCSI meets the mandatory requirements set forth by the Genetec certification program

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