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Video Analytics Storage Guide

The amount of data generated daily by new video surveillance cameras worldwide in 2021 is forecasted to be 340,000 petabytes!

That equates to:

6.8 billion standard double-layer Blu-ray movie discs

2,891 hours all of Netflix’s current users simultaneously streaming ultra-high definition content

1,863 times the amount of all user data stored by Facebook™ in 2018 alone

Storage—a key component to video surveillance—is expected to grow 18% annually, to a $1.6B market. While retrofits and upgrades account for a significant portion of this growth, surveillance has evolved beyond just security. Customer satisfaction, business intelligence, behavior analytics, and facial recognition are among the new use cases. Higher camera resolution, frame rates, and the wide dynamic range required for 4K to produce panoramic video all contribute to the growing demand.

We offer you the edge-to-storage portfolio to match your customers’ growing video and analytic needs. Seagate provides a full storage portfolio of security and surveillance solutions—including SkyHawk™, Exos® Nytro® drives, Exos enterprise storage systems, products and services.

SkyHawk, Seagate’s video-optimized drives, are superior across the board to desktop drives—from supporting simultaneous video streams to enhanced vibration resilience and always-on reliability. SkyHawk AI takes video analytics innovation even further by providing high performance and reliability for heavy compute-intensive AI-surveillance workloads. In these cases, to gain deeper insights, surveillance data is stored and analyzed in the cloud for longer periods of time.

Petabytes of video and AI metadata from thousands of cameras can be stored, continuously analyzed, and archived in the back end. Seagate’s Exos enterprise drives support these heavier workloads and offer additional security features like FIPS and SED. Nytro enterprise SSDs are optimized for cloud computing and delivering data at record speeds for deep learning and faster predictive analysis. As a result, banks, for instance, are better able to defend against intrusions and fraud while also improving customer service.

Download the Seagate Video Analytics Storage Guide today and learn more about the reference architecture of an ideal solution fit for your purpose.

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