Combination of Genetec’s expertise and Seagate's best-in class enterprise storage solutions

Genetec’s expertise in video management capabilities combined with Seagate’s best-in class enterprise storage solutions provide the perfect surveillance management option, giving our Global Trust & Security team a complete package that is easy to access, manage, and control.

Success Summary

Seagate’s® Global Trust & Security department successfully updated its global video surveillance network with Genetec’s Security Center Omnicast™ software video management system (VMS) solution together with the Seagate Exos™ X 5U84 SAN storage platform, an intelligent data storage combination that is easy to manage, fast to access, and provides maximum uptime; the solution meets Seagate’s needs for centralized storage, multiple concurrent video streams, optimized data protection, and security and is capable of scalability, high performance, and data protection for years to come.

Evidence of Success

  • Centralized management with the ability to connect all of Seagate’s worldwide video surveillance streams and devices.
  • Increased bandwidth to support more cameras with a higher frame rate without compromising quality.
  • Streamlined ability to rebuild storage volumes up to 95% faster than conventional RAID solutions.
  • Expanded and simplified ability to scale.
  • Future-proofed technology that provides savings on installation and upgrades.
  • Improved data protection with in-transit and at-rest encryption + appliance security level such as Advanced Distributed Autonomic Protection Technology (ADAPT)