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Intel Xeon E-2300 Processors for Servers

Performance and Reliability Intelligently Designed for Growth

Essential Hardware for Entry-Level Cloud Hosting and Security Services

Small businesses are looking for cost-effective server solutions that deliver productivity, reliability, and hardware-enhanced security, while complementing other IT investment options such as cloud-based services. An on-premise server can help address a number of challenges, including the uncertainty for setup and ongoing cost of cloud services, support for legacy applications, regulatory compliance, and the need to protect sensitive customer data. A mix of cloud services and in-house solutions provides the flexibility to choose and mix the correct balance for your business needs.

Small businesses need technology that helps them run multi-user applications such as email, messaging, print servers, calendar programs, databases, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and other software that facilitates data sharing and collaboration. An entry server built with the Intel Xeon E processor is a smart investment positioning you for growth while providing a reliable, always available solution to protect your data and host critical business software solutions. No matter the size of your business, the value of your data is enormous. Keep it accessible and better protected at all times with an affordable Intel Xeon E processor-based server like these.

A dedicated, on-premise server delivers answers for a number of small business customers including:

  • Bandwidth constraints, latency, or heavy data usage that cause performance issues
  • Uncertainty and inability to plan for setup and ongoing cloud service costs
  • Preference for up-front payment over extended payment schedule
  • Some legacy applications cannot be migrated to the cloud
  • Regulatory, compliance, or data sovereignty requirements mandate that data must be secured on-premises

Implementing a powerful server is also a smart investment in security and growth. You’ll gain the power to support the features of modern operating systems, including the added peace of mind from timely security patches which help to keep your sensitive business and customer data steps ahead of evolving security threats. New hardware with a modern operating system can also help you more easily deploy new business-class applications and tools that can help you increase sales and improve margins. A server based on the Intel Xeon E processor lets you access your information fast and respond to customers quickly from any device on your network. Keep valuable business data safe, help you and your employees become more productive, and position your company for growth with a powerful and affordable small business server based on the Intel Xeon E processor.

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